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Crypticon Seattle 2017
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Monday, April 3, 2017

It's Been Awhile!

Hi all, I have been away for quite awhile. Life has been a roller coaster. Life is getting back on track. Stay tuned for news on many awesome events,art. and much more! -Chad

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Overwatch Cosplay At Pax West 2016 Part #1

 Overwatch Cosplay Is Big At PAX WEST 2016, I headed up there on Saturday. I hung outside the upper outside level. Lots of Cosplayers showing off their costumes. They always put a lot of work into them. I'm not very familiar with the game. So I'm not sure who these characters are. Yet they look rather cool to me!

Part 2 coming soon! 
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Yume Universe Update!

Hi all. 

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last year. Life has been throwing me curve balls. 
Which is I'm sure has been the same for you all. I have put photography on hold for many months now. I will be swinging back into it over the coming months.  

Currently I have been working on learning video game design. Using Unreal Engine 4 and other engines. I'm designing a 2d RPG called, Coin Quest:Dark Stakes.  I will be posting on this in the future. It's a Sci-Fi/Horror/Action homage game that pays tributes to so many genres. It will be a game that will evolve over time. I can't wait to start sharing more about the project soon. 

Also in May, I'm excited for Crypticon Seattle 2015. On May 22nd - 24th. It's going to be awesome. Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, The Soska Sisters, Jessica Cameron and many more will be there. Get your tickets now! :)             

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Be on the look out for more posts coming over the coming weeks.  

Take care all, 


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's Been Awhile and I'm not one of The Walking Dead.

Hey all, Things have been insanely busy the last few months. Things are getting into the swing again. 

Here is a look of what I have been doing recently. 
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Saturday, March 1, 2014 Magazine Issue #1 Magazine Issue #1

All Sales go to The Walk

To be released for order Monday March 10, 2014

If you pre-order before March 8th 2014. You will receive a special 8"x10" Print as a GIFT!

The Magazine Featuring :

Katie Kat
Alex Lee 
Morgue Anne 
Kitty Mansfield 
Michelle Vail 
Devan Amerman 
Stephanie Canton 
Katie Colvin 
MissErica Marie 
Kandra Miller 
Kimberly O 
Torri Fry
Susan Collins 
Lei Sim
Crystal Connor

And a whole lot more!

GUEST Models and Photographers: 
Catherine Szehner
Antjuan DeCarlos

Spring 2014, Desmond Robertson, Chad Almquist, Aussie Dogs Althena and Minerva will be heading out on a 4 state walk from Seattle, Wa. to Tooele, Utah.

Then in 2015 they will be heading on a 13 state walk from Homestead, Fl. To Seattle, Wa.

The Spring Walk 
Which will Benefit: Alan's Stroke, Jill's Wish and Breast Cancer Awareness.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jill's Wish and The Walk

Some of you might be saying what is "Jill's Wish?" and why am I posting about this. Last spring I was watching a photography course taught by Sue Bryce on creativeLIVE and towards the end of the last day. She played this video of this amazing woman named Jill. She is a very young woman who is going through cancer. Her story struck me. I have had family and friends who have been taken by this horrible disease. It really hit close to me, when I found out my Mom had breast cancer. She is a very strong woman and at the age of 74 at the time. This scared me. Yet after two surgeries and radiation. My Mom Nancy ,was able to kick it's butt ,who is my main inspiration.

I decided after seeing Jill's story and her continuing fight against cancer. I would choose her charity Jill's Wish for The Walk. We will be walking through 12 states over 6 to 7 months.We will be meeting people and spreading the word. We still need a lot of help to get this going. We have less then a month and a half till we embark. Please watch the video below to learn who Jill is. Thank you Jill for being an inspiration.

Monday, November 11, 2013

I ain't got no flu like The Walking Dead

I have had my health issues over the years. Yet around me I see all the sick people. Catching the flu and colds. I'm going on year 3 of not having a cold and going on year 26 of not getting the flu. It took me a while to figure out the best method for fighting the common cold! Well I found my prevention. It's hard to do in Wa. State. Yet if you try this when ever the weather is clear, and that glorious ball of burning gas is burning bright. You will kick The cold and the flu's Asses! I know I have! During the summer, I would spend 2 to 8 hours in the sun. Make sure to drink lots of water. The Vite D is an amazing thing the body creates when coupled with the powerful rays of the sun. Use proper sun protection of course. Hope you all try my method with success. If the sun will bust through the clouds. Even 15 minutes here and there can help. 

Feels good not to be sick! Thank you sun! I Love   you! 

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