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Monday, January 18, 2010

Leno Vs Conan!

This is a terrible mess. I love both these dudes. They have been my late night laughs for at least 2 decades. It is always good to go to sleep to some great comedy. Sadly alot don't like Jay's show under the age of 55. well I'm 37 and I still think he is awesome.

Where people much older still regard Johnny as the best. which I do agree. I had watched him for all my childhood. I begged my mom and dad to let me stay up to see him.

When Jay took over the tonight show., And Conan came on the scene. I have been there since day one. My dream was to once be a guest on there shows . pimping my films,

Of course now we have the mess that NBC has gotten these 2 kings of late night in. oh yes there can be two kings. they serve in different kindoms. Nyc and La. then both tried to be Kings in the same town.

As some people love sports to death. they will love there team through the good and the bad. I also see Jay and Conan as the same. They are my team. My cure for the sad and downtimes.

Now the problem with the mess of Jay going back to the Tonight Show and Conan going off the air. It makes me sad that one of the 2 is going to look like the bad guy.

Each gentleman has a huge family of crew to keep working. 175? people per host is alot. They each must fight to help there family. you can't fault either for that. They say family always come first.

If you seen the last ep Jay did of the TTS. he brought out his entire crew and family of the crew over the years. it was massive.

I look at it this way. I hope things work out.
, and not too many bridges and connections broken. The real villian is NBC, I look forward to seeing if the Comcast deal goes through. maybe they can kick some ass and clean this peacock shit up. So my favs Jay and Conan and his crew and family, Can live well and still be able to make me and the rest of the world smile and laugh on the same network. Which I doubt :(

In the words of my favorite Insult comic dog Triumpth. "NBC is AWESOME! for me to POOP ON!

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