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Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Stupid Super Bowl Predictions.

I really don't care much for sports. I'm a sci-fi geek/nerd. I have warmed up to the events more over the years. Thanks to my Dad, John Bacon,Bj Shea, Double R. and Top Shelf. hearing these dudes have given me a wide range of knowledge of sports, more then my brain needed.

So here is my silly predictions for this game. The Colts VS The Saints. I will number these predictions in no real order.

1. 2 players will be injured on the Saints offence.

2. Colts will score a TD within the first 4 min of the 1st quarter.

3. The Saints will have a TD in the second quarter. Also a field goal giving them a 3 point lead over Colts.

4. Colts will take a crushing 14 point lead in the 3rd Q. Giving them the lead that will never be recovered by The Saints,

5. Saints go down like a cheap New Orleans Hooker. Sorry Who Dat Nation.

6 Manning breaks some passing yard records and becomes the most valuable player.

These are my silly stupid predictions. I could be way off. I just feel like this game will go easy to The Colts. even with there injured man. Seeing Saints will have two injured players.

Let the Game Begin!

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