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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obama Care Is Voted in By the House, H-Hole Perspective!

Well we are 2 days away from a massive mistake in our history.
A health care plan that will screw everyone over. Everything I have heard
about this bill stinks to the darkest reaches of humanity. I typed this in a recent facebook response to this outrage of a bill.

"I just wish they would let us choose, then to force us under their way of future law. I don't want to go to prison for being healthy, or because I can or want to find a better plan outside my state from another provider. With this, it is the feds way or the prison way. Well at least in prison I can look forward to full health care and a 7 foot cell mate named Bubba,
Bubba: Hey Chad, why u in here?
Chad: I was unable to pay 15k a year. they fined me 1k and I was too strapped for money and here I am. Please Don't Rape me!
Bubba: Sorry dude, Thats just the way Obama Care Works. Now just like his plan, Bend over!

Its just Sad. :( "

It's the Truth, this is like getting bent over and raped. Sorry to be crude. It's true. I'm a H-Hole and I'm going to speak it. This is one step toward a disaster to every Citizen of the USA.