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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Peta Girls Get NAKED!

Well these Peta Girls got naked and took a shower at WestLake Center in Seattle.
Thanks to Bj Shea for saying Linda Thomas's name on air. I went to her Blog at
Saw her story about this demonstration. I took off to get there . I'm always ready to capture
moments like these. I arrived, they had looked like they were leaving.

Yet nope they had to drain the water or something. I got these images. Even Theron Zhan
from Komo Tv was there doing interviews. Cool guy.

I guess the Peta people didn't have a permit for nudity. Well it didn't matter these girls were not naked. Why I know this? when I went up to get a close up of the girls. I snapped a image of The dark haired girl. She had flesh color Pasties. Which told me these girls were wearing some kind of bikini bottoms. As if they would really flash anyone to prove it.

I did see on some of the images on people were right up there and tried to get a image of these girls from over the top. Maybe they can revealed the mystery. I really don't believe in there cause. I think it is futile. Meat is tasty and it is awesome.

Oh well I still enjoyed this protest over the immigration one I covered several weeks ago. Hey I got to take images of girls showering and got to meet Theron Zahn. It was a fun day.