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Monday, July 19, 2010

Inception, My take on the End [don't worry no spoilers]

Ok Bj Shea., this is my short take on The End of Inception.

The closing scene. It spins then just as it fades it begins to wobble.
Nolan just wanted to leave it to the viewer. If you paid attention.
There was no way Cobb would have wanted to be where most people
think he ended up. It would be bad for him.

He could have failed. Yet I think his Ally being in his condition,
found a way to solve the problem.Also The whole scene in the snow mountains.
It was easy to tell the Good Guys and the Projections.

1. Good Guys, wore White Knit Caps and White Hoods.

2. Projections, they wore Black Knit Caps.

I did see one mess up where a projection wore a white knit cap.
that was the only one though. From my only viewing.

I'm sure the ending could be seen in different ways. Thats just my idea.

This is one Awesome film. Cast, Direction and writing were straight up my alley, lol. I love this film. I have always had a love for the dream world. I practice the Lucid Dreaming very often. its very fun and just like the movie in a sense. If you like Trippy movies, Go see Inception. It so good it flies by fast. I was amazed 2 hours and 20 minutes flew by so fast.

My other dream related movie thats my classic favorite is Dream Scape with Dennis Quade and Kate Capshaw.

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