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Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Dad , Carl Alfred Almquist

Oct. 2 2000 Is a date in history, that effected me. It was the last day I saw and talked to my Dad. It was a weird weekend I spent with Him and My StepMom. My Dad was all pissed at his wife. She was not home, and was spending time at some troglodites house, cleaning.

In my favor, I got to spend most of the weekend talking and watching movies.
The thing we loved to do. I had been writing a screenplay with my Dad. I gave him 13 more pages bringing it to 95 or so. which is almost there to be standard for a 90 minute movie.

He liked and approved those pages. He made Chili for dinner on Sunday the 1st of Oct. 2000.
My favorite of his. My Step Mom got home around 9pm that sunday. 2 hours after we had eaten. He was not happy at all.

The next day, was his pay day, he got his retirement pay. They gave me a ride home. When we got to my place. We both went in. Dropped my stuff off. My dad handed me 20 bucks to help me out. They also gave me a ride down the street. I had to turn back a Plays station game called Parasite Eve 2, to a place call Game City. Which doesn't exist anymore. They dropped me off at this turn in the road. I got out and I said to my Dad, I love you! . Sadly I did not get to give him The man Hug I always gave him since forever.

To this day I regret that. it was what gave me the strength to go on each day. It was awesome when I visited him over the years. when I left we would always wave to each other for as long as we could. Kind of a game. He always lived on a road that was flat and straight. So he would always stay in view and wave till I was out of sight completly. One of the greatest things, that always was awesome. I always wondered if other Fathers and Sons did this ritual.

Well its a week upon my Dad's Passing. 10 years. I have not acomplished what I had hoped for. I want to do him proud. i have put the film making on hold. I don't draw as much as I used to. I have concentrated on Photography. Which he loved and so do I. It has become a Obsession so to speak. I find it thrilling and awesome to be able to capture life in many ways.

this Friday I will do another tribute to my Dad, Carl Alfred Almquist! My Dad, My Friend, My Hero!

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