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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Tops for 2010 Review. :)

Well, their they are. So many Sweet Ladies. I hope you all like
them. Like I said. they all dug deep into my heart. I have a big
heart. So I can fit many more in there. lol.
Well these took a lot of room though.
so future ladies beware, lol.

i look forward to 2011, I still look forward to meeting Felica Day, Could she make my 2011 list.
Only time will tell.

Once again thank you Ladies, each and everyone of you. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1 Linda Thomas and Jamie Griswold

Well My #1 picks for 2010 are Linda and Jamie. These two ladies really were instrumental in my media exposure this year. From Naked Peta Ladies Showering at WestLake or Bruce Campbell Invading ZomBCon. They made it happen.

Linda Thomas. Co-Anchor on Kiro 97.3 FM with Bill Radke, They do the morning news show.

I have to give a big Thanks to BJ Shea over at KISW. He talked about Linda. He said how awesome she is, and how she is a lady who is hip to it!. Those are my words. lol. Linda calls her blog "The News Chick!" how can you resist that. I emailed her and told her how excited I was that she is a fan of Bj Shea. Not everyday you find a awesome lady like her, liking the same show. Even though their competitors.

Well in June 2010, I saw a post on Her Blog.

About these naked girls showering at Westlake Center. I hopped on the bus. Got there just in time. I took some images and sent them to Linda. She used them. That pretty much made us news buddies. Or whats the term? ..... Oh yeah SOURCE!. lol. I sent her some of my Seattle Mist images. She did a posting on them. and for the next months. She has included my images.

Jamie Griswold, Wow such a awesome lady as well. I have been such a fan of her video work. She has provided such cool work for Ron and Don, Dori Monson and Dave Ross . Jamie included my images into the galleries. So cool. Me and Jim Maher made #7 in the years best galleries.

I want to thank you So much Linda and Jamie for being so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! You are indeed my #1 pick for best of 2010. You have broadened my exposure and as well dug into my heart for the 2010 year. I hope soon I can meet you both in person and give you both a big bear hug.

Have a great Holiday you two. :)

#2 Annabelle DeSisto and Vicky Barcelona

WOW, #2 is Annabelle and Vicky B. As 2010 burst into view. These super entertaining ladies blazed a trail. I give them so much credit for coming onto a Male targeted radio program. They shook things up all over the place. Vicky's comedic timing and Annabelle's clever banter with her video segments. They totally blew my mind.

Getting to meet these Ladies was high on my list. Being Smart as well Beautiful capture my attention and I was happy to capture them in image.

Annabelle has become more popular and getting to be on the Jersey Shore for a segment. She was so awesome. I can't stand that show. Yet she made it worth watching, just to see her put it to that Situation. was worth it. Checkers! lol. I wish her all the luck in her future. She has left being a intern on the Bj Shea Morning Experience, to Sunny LA, California. Sure Hope she Remembers me, I really want to photograph her again someday.

As for Vicky B, she is still with the Bj Shea Morning Experience. With Double R gone, She has become the comedy relief. I wait for her to come on, don't get me wrong the dudes have their moments. Vicky Steals the show, every freaking time. She makes me laugh.

I want to thank you Annabelle and Vicky for being so awesome and making my 2010 a year to remember. You Both are the greatest. I look forward to more from both of you in 2011. All the Love Ladies.

#3 Shannon Seattle GoGo

Oh Shannon :) She is one of my favorite ladies of 2010. I ran into Shannon on FaceBook. I was posting images from the Seattle Mist Tryouts. She commented on some comments that some made about the ladies. they were a little harsh and mean. So I deleted them. I'm a obedient, sometimes. lol I thought they were mean as well. that was the start. She invited me to a cool event for the SplatterHouse video game.

I was so happy to attend something that had to do with PAX(Penny Arcade Expo) I couldn't get a pass to that event. Yet getting to go to her event she put on was even better. Got to meet so many ladies and people. Fun times. Shannon also invited me to another event at the Contour. Some really cool GOGO girls were there. Some I knew from a long time ago. well 4 years ago. seems longer.

She did her best to get me a photo pass to the KISW Hangover Lebowski. the band Hell Yeah are so strict on camera, they only allowed 4. Funny thing is, I spent all my time in the bar. which is so far away from the bands. I was more interested in what was going on there. I thank Shannon so much for snagging me tickets. I almost didn't go. Happy I did now. I got to See Shannon again. as well meet Jennifer of PaipaeCompany JenniferlitaCariaga.

Thank you so much Shannon for being part of my 2010 year. I'm so excited for what 2011 will bring.

#4 "Jenniferlita Paipae Company"

Oh my, Jennifer. I met her only this past month. She flew in like a Angel. I was so lucky to have met Jennifer. I met her at the Kisw Holiday Hangover Lobowski. I almost didn't go. I really don't like going to events where I can't bring my camera. I really not a fan of loud music. I like to capture images. I get bored and trying to talk to people is hard. Well when this Lady with the sweetest smile came to talk to a fellow friend Ty and Amanda. She looked at me with that sweet smile. I melted. At that time I had no idea who she was. Well later on I learned she is a savy business woman.

She owns several businesses. One is a modeling agency. She invited me to her first Bikini Fashion Show at the Gruv Tacoma. Sadly I had to leave early. I feel so bad. I really hope to make it up to her.

I love shooting images and her event was way my kind of event. Thank you so much Jennifer for ending my 2010 with such a awesome time. I'm forever grateful. Heres to 2011

#5 " The Gore Gore Girls"

Oh WOW, The Gore Gore Girls. For 2010 , these have got to be one of the most creative and most interesting girls to watch. I have never seen Gorlesque before. It was freaking awesome. I met Amy Whims and Deena L. Reichel at the Rain City Hearse Club Photo Shoot. They are really awesome. I finally got to meet the other ladies at one of their shows and at the Staxx Brothers, WarPath Music Video Shoot. some of the other Troupe. Brittany Glatz , Nicole Henrickson Brandon , Angelique Gutierrez and Tina Chaos .

Such a fun group of ladies.

I'm now a huge fan is this art form. I met some really good friends and was happy to work with them and hopefully in the future can create some really cool images of their work. Thank you Gore Gore Girls for being part of my 2010. I love you all.

#6 "Jessica Hopkins of the Seattle Mist"

Oh Jessica! Jessica Hopkins is #5 , WR/S, of The Seattle Mist. She is so fun to watch. She, like Natasha Lindsey have so much heart and play as if their not in pain. During her first game, I had no idea she was in so much pain. She moved as if nothing was wrong. During there 3rd game she really hurt her ankle bad. It was a sight to see the images of her foot. It was really awesome to capture her game play and her positive attitude on the field. She also was one to say hello to me as they ran around the field. Thank you Jessica for showing me and the world that the LFL can be a serious and fun sport to watch. Thank you for being part of my 2010 year.

#7 "Natasha Lindsey of the Seattle Mist"

Yes oh yes, Natasha Lindsey. #4 and QBack for the Seattle Mist. She was a pure inspiration on the field. She hurt her knee and kept on getting back up and fighting. She is one tough cookie. I didn't get a chance to meet her till the viewing party. During the tryouts I thought she looked a little mean. Well I was so wrong. She is really sweet, she was just showing her game face. Natasha is tops and why she made my list. Thanks Natasha for being part of my 2010.

#8 "Shea Norton of the Seattle Mist"

Oh yeah!!! Shea Norton. Technically I met her several years ago at a Bj Shea Radio party. So I was so surprised and happy to see her tryout and become #15 of the Seattle Mist. She got on the top 10 just because she came up to me at a viewing party for their first game and called me by my name,with out seeing me for several years. Theres nothing more awesome then that. Shea is such a gorgeous and awesome Lady. I hope to see more of her in the future. She made a great part of my year.

#9 "The Seattle Mist"

Well it has been a great year, and one reason for that. I got to meet The Seattle Mist, Lingerie FootBall Team. Thanks to my friend Jeremy Wheeler, he told me they were holding tryouts in Kent. I went there and was blown away. These ladies got power. So many people don't take the LFL seriously. I have been to 2 tryouts and 2 games. These Ladies are for real. I'm not the biggest sports fan. Yet these Ladies made me more of a fan then ever before. It was such a pleasure to photograph. Look forward to taking more in 2011.

Thank you Ladies of the Seattle Mist and Heather Theisen for giving me the chance to see some fun sports history. Heres to 2011.

#10 "Kat of the Barbie Dream Hearse"

Yes, Kat! I met her at the Red, White and Dead Zombie Walk, in Fremont Seattle. She was with her gorgeous Barbie Dream Hearse. She is such a great lady. I have gotten to photograph her at a couple events. She has always been the coolest. Look forward to working with her more in the future. Make sure to check out her FaceBook. The Barbie Dream Hearse is her business. If you need a ride to a party and or event, she will get you there. Many heads will turn.

Thanks Kat for making 2010 such a great year!

Yume Universe's Countdown to the Top Local Lady or Ladies Of 2010

What an amazing year 2010 was for me. I have met so many awesome people. Well this list is all about the ladies who have made 2010 so special to me. Some solo or as a group. With out them, my summer and late 2010 would have been so boring. I was going to do one a day. Yet, I'm going to make it faster. Why keep everyone waiting. Now these are in order from 10 to 1, In no means one is better then the other. They all have dug deep into my heart and are forever part of me.
I'm a photographer, I take images. I captured almost all of these ladies, doing what they do.
Thanks again Ladies for making 2010 a year to remember. I love you all!
Enough with the jibber jabber. Stay tuned for number 10.