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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#1 Linda Thomas and Jamie Griswold

Well My #1 picks for 2010 are Linda and Jamie. These two ladies really were instrumental in my media exposure this year. From Naked Peta Ladies Showering at WestLake or Bruce Campbell Invading ZomBCon. They made it happen.

Linda Thomas. Co-Anchor on Kiro 97.3 FM with Bill Radke, They do the morning news show.

I have to give a big Thanks to BJ Shea over at KISW. He talked about Linda. He said how awesome she is, and how she is a lady who is hip to it!. Those are my words. lol. Linda calls her blog "The News Chick!" how can you resist that. I emailed her and told her how excited I was that she is a fan of Bj Shea. Not everyday you find a awesome lady like her, liking the same show. Even though their competitors.

Well in June 2010, I saw a post on Her Blog.

About these naked girls showering at Westlake Center. I hopped on the bus. Got there just in time. I took some images and sent them to Linda. She used them. That pretty much made us news buddies. Or whats the term? ..... Oh yeah SOURCE!. lol. I sent her some of my Seattle Mist images. She did a posting on them. and for the next months. She has included my images.

Jamie Griswold, Wow such a awesome lady as well. I have been such a fan of her video work. She has provided such cool work for Ron and Don, Dori Monson and Dave Ross . Jamie included my images into the galleries. So cool. Me and Jim Maher made #7 in the years best galleries.

I want to thank you So much Linda and Jamie for being so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! You are indeed my #1 pick for best of 2010. You have broadened my exposure and as well dug into my heart for the 2010 year. I hope soon I can meet you both in person and give you both a big bear hug.

Have a great Holiday you two. :)

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