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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#2 Annabelle DeSisto and Vicky Barcelona

WOW, #2 is Annabelle and Vicky B. As 2010 burst into view. These super entertaining ladies blazed a trail. I give them so much credit for coming onto a Male targeted radio program. They shook things up all over the place. Vicky's comedic timing and Annabelle's clever banter with her video segments. They totally blew my mind.

Getting to meet these Ladies was high on my list. Being Smart as well Beautiful capture my attention and I was happy to capture them in image.

Annabelle has become more popular and getting to be on the Jersey Shore for a segment. She was so awesome. I can't stand that show. Yet she made it worth watching, just to see her put it to that Situation. was worth it. Checkers! lol. I wish her all the luck in her future. She has left being a intern on the Bj Shea Morning Experience, to Sunny LA, California. Sure Hope she Remembers me, I really want to photograph her again someday.

As for Vicky B, she is still with the Bj Shea Morning Experience. With Double R gone, She has become the comedy relief. I wait for her to come on, don't get me wrong the dudes have their moments. Vicky Steals the show, every freaking time. She makes me laugh.

I want to thank you Annabelle and Vicky for being so awesome and making my 2010 a year to remember. You Both are the greatest. I look forward to more from both of you in 2011. All the Love Ladies.

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