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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#4 "Jenniferlita Paipae Company"

Oh my, Jennifer. I met her only this past month. She flew in like a Angel. I was so lucky to have met Jennifer. I met her at the Kisw Holiday Hangover Lobowski. I almost didn't go. I really don't like going to events where I can't bring my camera. I really not a fan of loud music. I like to capture images. I get bored and trying to talk to people is hard. Well when this Lady with the sweetest smile came to talk to a fellow friend Ty and Amanda. She looked at me with that sweet smile. I melted. At that time I had no idea who she was. Well later on I learned she is a savy business woman.

She owns several businesses. One is a modeling agency. She invited me to her first Bikini Fashion Show at the Gruv Tacoma. Sadly I had to leave early. I feel so bad. I really hope to make it up to her.

I love shooting images and her event was way my kind of event. Thank you so much Jennifer for ending my 2010 with such a awesome time. I'm forever grateful. Heres to 2011

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