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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#5 " The Gore Gore Girls"

Oh WOW, The Gore Gore Girls. For 2010 , these have got to be one of the most creative and most interesting girls to watch. I have never seen Gorlesque before. It was freaking awesome. I met Amy Whims and Deena L. Reichel at the Rain City Hearse Club Photo Shoot. They are really awesome. I finally got to meet the other ladies at one of their shows and at the Staxx Brothers, WarPath Music Video Shoot. some of the other Troupe. Brittany Glatz , Nicole Henrickson Brandon , Angelique Gutierrez and Tina Chaos .

Such a fun group of ladies.

I'm now a huge fan is this art form. I met some really good friends and was happy to work with them and hopefully in the future can create some really cool images of their work. Thank you Gore Gore Girls for being part of my 2010. I love you all.

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