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Crypticon Seattle 2017
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#6 "Jessica Hopkins of the Seattle Mist"

Oh Jessica! Jessica Hopkins is #5 , WR/S, of The Seattle Mist. She is so fun to watch. She, like Natasha Lindsey have so much heart and play as if their not in pain. During her first game, I had no idea she was in so much pain. She moved as if nothing was wrong. During there 3rd game she really hurt her ankle bad. It was a sight to see the images of her foot. It was really awesome to capture her game play and her positive attitude on the field. She also was one to say hello to me as they ran around the field. Thank you Jessica for showing me and the world that the LFL can be a serious and fun sport to watch. Thank you for being part of my 2010 year.

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