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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Renagade CalendarGirls 1930's Gangster PhotoShoot

Well I spent my Saturday. Feb. 20th, 2011. With gorgeous blue skies, yet freezing as winter is. It was cold out, yet the woman were sizzling HOT!!!!!! I met these kick ass people Called The Renagade Bikes and CalendarGirls. they do a 5 day a week online radio show. They go by the names. TW, Briann, Beverly , Jeannine,Jess, and the Nanny. theres more I think I'm missing.

They had a lot of classic automobiles there. So the ladies could pose, sit, and drape them selves over. Us photographers were like in a heaven like dream to capture gorgeous images, with ever shutter click. Also we Shot in a Barber Shop called SuperNova 632 St Helens, Tacoma WA
There were some new girls that were there. I met the very sexy Katie, Jessica,Sarah, and Kitty. Jess in the middle with the White Hat,I had met before at the Staxx Brothers Zombie Video Shoot called WarPath. A few words about Katie, She is the one with the Black Hat and Tie. She is a geek boys dream girl. She is gorgeous and plays World of WarCraft and digs Sci-Fi. I need to find more girls like her. She is Amazing. :) She is also going to be doing a Burlesque act dressed as Codex from The web series the Guild to the Song. " Do Yo Want to Date My Avatar" Sounds awesome! I will post the info soon, So you can catch her show.

This Lady above, Ruby Velvet. I met a little over a week ago. At the PMS Lingerie Fashion Show. The minute I met her, I knew she would be perfect for this event. So I told her to come. Well that was a good idea. People pretty much flipped out and their jaws were on the ground for the whole day. Surprised I didn't step on one. LOL! all kidding aside, or am I. She did great. I heard so many compliments on her booty... I mean Beauty! Let me just say, it was cold outside.
Yet she heated the place up, BIG TIME!

Hey now! there were just as many more beautiful woman at this event. Too me they all rocked the joint, way to many to post all in one posting. Stay tuned to my blog or hit me up on my Facebook Fanpage. I will be posting my images there for all to see.

Don't forget to check out Renagade Radio M-F from 11:30 pm to 12:00 am. Starting March 4th they will be going from 10:00pm to 12:00 am. Click HERE for more information.

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