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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Amazing Developements In Wa State

Looks like there may be a move in the laws in Washington. After nearly 8 decades. Liquor may become privatized, kinda. The capitol, in a frantic battle to recover from a nearly 5 billion dollar hole in the budget. Brought on by their uncontrolled spending.

They are actually thinking about letting others get in on the action. The state would still keep their state run stores.I don't know all the details yet. I do think the stores are anticipating this happening fast. I have been in several stores over the past week. They are clearing massive space for some reason. hmm weird. could there be a reason for this. some of them are Albertsons, Walmart, and Target. If you have seen this anywhere let me know. They must have some inside info.

I'm guessing Costco has to be clearing massive space, they have been trying to get into the panties of the states stronghold on booze for years. Their failed attempt last year went down because of the four loco scare. So they may get their wish soon. I expect some crazy boozgazmic glee, if this passes in this current Legislative session.

Maybe, just maybe we can pick up and crack our Crown in our local grocery store, with out our wallets being raped.

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