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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lets unleash the SisterHood and BrotherHood!

Lets help Crystal and Mimi Out! We are all effected by Cancer in one way or another!

Korean Air are being Idiots!

this is from the Ron and Don website at

Last night we brought you the story, first reported on KING 5 news, of a 62 year old woman who was denied a seat on a Korean Air flight because she has stage four breast cancer. All Ms. Kim wanted to do was see her family in South Korea before she dies. Her daughter Mimi thinks this is an outrage, and hasn't even gotten a refund!

Even though Mimi has furnished Korean Air with all the appropriate medical paperwork, they continue to give her the runaround. One bright spot in all this is that Delta has agreed to fly Ms. Kim to her native home.

We think the breast cancer "sisterhood" should call Korean Air's headquarters and find out why they've discriminated against a woman who is bald from chemotherapy!

Korean Air HQ:


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