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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Love Curvy And Skinny Girls, Sad Face And Tears ,To Miss Walking Dead USA! You Need A Cheese Burger!

Ok, I'm really saddened right now. I have been having my Mom, save up all her girly mags. Like Glamour,Vogue,lucky and a few others. I was going to use them for pose ideas. I grab one and started to look through it. I know I have heard this before, Its pretty offensive. I like a girl who is thin, yet these girls are beyond thin, there almost bones with clothes on! I'm not sure who they are targeting. 

There are more curvy woman in the States at least, then anywhere else. These girls need to start eating some cheese burgers! These girls legs are pathetic, there is nothing on them.  

Please Skinny ladies, don't be offended by what I say. I love you! Its just these girls are scary thin. And for the Curvy girls, love yourselves the way you are! Don't be aiming to look like them! Unless you want to try out for the Walking Dead USA Pagent! I love you all the way you are! :) 
Better Woman can be found HERE!


Fat Bastard said...

The pictures have been photoshopped.

Ikadeo said...

No, they haven't been photoshopped, at least not to make them thinner. Stephanie Naumoska is gorgeous, and they're not too thin.