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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead!

  With The Zombies taking over the Ferry in the Puget Sound this weeked! I thought one of the hunters should get a respectful nod!  

                NORMAN REEDUS....... AKA DARYL DIXON Of The Walking Dead!!!!!!!

I have been meaning to do a piece on Norman Reedus, The standout actor, aka Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead. So far as my awareness goes. The Ladies like this Crossbow wielding Redneck of the Zombie Apocalypse. I had the chance to meet this awesome dude twice. At the times, I was not in the right frame of mind. Having had a crazy battle with ECCC, saying I'm not real press, and just a stupid amateur fanboy. Saying I can't be serious in the media world. That is besides the point. I did have another chance to meet up with Norman at my good friends at ZombCon.  I was not feeling in the groove at that point either.

So I just covered this great actor from a distance. Enough of that weird tangent. Back to Norman. Having read the comic book. Daryl is not in the books. He is only in the AMC series.  He is a very awesome character. He risks his life for the group and a little girl, who ended up dead. If that short haired Carol doesn't do her best to get down with Daryl,  then its sad. Yet she is not the greatest thing since sliced bread,  Though in a zombie Apocalypse. How can you really be choosy. The Lady Walkers only want to eat you, and that is not the fun one would want to have.

 Good thing Daryl is there, he has his cross bow!  Here is to next season. Lets hope Daryl survives!  I fear none of my faves are safe in the series, as well in the books.  He could meet the same fate as my fave, Dale, he didn't even get to shag that hell of a shot Andrea!  Lets just say he did in the books! :)  A dude in a RV. he had a funny hat, even he can get some loving in the Zombie Apocalypse, from someone half his age :) 

Only words I have to say now is, Thank the world Shane is gone! That character pissed me off! I bow to Rick for taking that boy down, to Zombie Town! 

 Also This weekend, In Seattle. Zombies are going to take over the Ferry.
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Can't Wait for Season 3 of the Walking Dead, COMING IN FALL OF 2012!

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