Crypticon Seattle 2017

Crypticon Seattle 2017
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Trailer For Magazine

Hi Everyone!  Here is my new trailer for my fundraiser!  I need everyone to please 
help me spread this video and this fundraiser. If I can reach my goal. The universe 
will open up for me!  As of now I have to turn down many photgraphy gigs. My camera 
tech is not at the level I need to perform. I have done the best with what I got. Yet 
can't make that giant leap.  

The awesome part of this fundraiser, there are different levels. From Prints,Posters and The issue #1 of Magazine.  There is also a level where you can donate what ever you want. From  1.00 to what ever.  You will get space in my magazine to advertise your business.

Depending on the amount  you donate. ie. You donate $100.00 , you get a full page of advertising. If you donate 1.00, you get a line on the thank you page.  If you go past $100.00. You will get a story and good ad space. Its all up to you. 

Please check it out! Any help is appreciated. I need to build my business. I really need to get my 
career going. Also to help my Mom, She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I need to help provide 
for her.  The Time is Now!  The Universe is ready to be explored and created! YOU! can be part of the Universe! Join and become part of the Universe!  

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thank you Vanessa And Rob, Video

This Weekend has rocked so far. I have learned so much! Rob Adams and Vanessa 
Joy have inspired me to take my photography business to the next level.  I wanted 
to thank them with this video. Showing they're first day of  sharing their Knowledge with The World! 

I only have a plus account. So its only 360p. Hope to get a pro account real soon. 

Please Check them out at their website. 
Vanessa and Rob  Click Here!

Also purchase the course and many others at. 
Creative Live   Click here!

Video Is made with Animoto  Click Here!

                            Check out My First Really Good Fusion Video! Inspired and stars. 
Vanessa and Rob!