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Friday, November 30, 2012

Is the PowerBall Image of Nolan Daniels on FaceBook a fake?

I'm positive it is! The Numbers are all out of order. 
Which is a dead give away! 
Also I believe its the same person from last April Fools Image shown
Below of a Mega Millions Winning ticket! You Be the Judge! 
We shall see Nolan Daniels 

UPDATE: 12/3/12
You think this would have died down after the weekend. Oh no! It just grown. He is at over 2 million shares. The people commenting are so clueless. giving him congratz and begging him for the 1 million.  Hey advertisers, you too can reach this prime demographic! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The 4-Hour Chef

A few weeks ago. I loaded up a course on Its was this wild dude, talking about all kinds of interesting 
things. Everything from Learning Languages fast, eating slow carb meals, swinging kettle bells and cooking. The man is Timothy Ferriss. He is the best selling author of The 4-hour WorkWeek and The 4-Hour Body. His latest book is the The 4-Hour Chef! I have yet to read any of these yet. I can't afford to buy them. Though a lot of what I have learned has been from his website. As well as video on Of course the course was awesome. 

It was 2 days full of so much info. I have been doing my best to lose some fat off this body of mine. To take my life in a better direction. I started doing the slow-carb eating plan. Its really easy. Just eat 4 meals a day. Keep them roughly the same. Cut out all refined carbs and white foods. They contain the most harm to your pancreas. The organ that produces insulin.  I'm really excited to see if it works. I'm on day 3 right now. I'm starting to feel different. Much better then I have had latley. 

Tim is really awesome. I endorse his books with out even reading them yet. I did get to read a little of the The 4-Hour Body at the bookstore. Just from what I have read very interesting. He is a smart guy. I say check them out. 

I will be starting a update of my progress. My weight on Monday was 246 lbs. Keep checking back to see my results!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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