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Friday, November 30, 2012

Is the PowerBall Image of Nolan Daniels on FaceBook a fake?

I'm positive it is! The Numbers are all out of order. 
Which is a dead give away! 
Also I believe its the same person from last April Fools Image shown
Below of a Mega Millions Winning ticket! You Be the Judge! 
We shall see Nolan Daniels 

UPDATE: 12/3/12
You think this would have died down after the weekend. Oh no! It just grown. He is at over 2 million shares. The people commenting are so clueless. giving him congratz and begging him for the 1 million.  Hey advertisers, you too can reach this prime demographic! 


Derek Daniels said...

I am Nolan's biological brother. However, true brothers are defined by loyalty, honesty, and a bond of trust. He is not one of those kind of brothers. If you want to add to the viral stream, then you should know that he was dating my ex of 3 years in secret for a year and told me via email while on vacation with her after he left my house (roommates after his 2nd divorce) and left the business (partners for 6 years). Solid guy. I get the post, it is funny to some people. However, from what I hear about his message box being full of people's stories of hardship and desire for help is kind of sad. Even though most knew it was fake people hang onto the most slim opportunities for some luck, some hope. December is the number 1 month for heart attacks, strokes, and suicide. Combine that with the economic state of this country and people desperately hang on to even the tiniest bit of hope. I hope people were able to shake it off. I'm sure the vast majority did. The idea of someone winning and then sharing in a second lottery is touching. Too bad it this wasn't the case. Fake saint, real douche bag. - Derek Daniels

Derek Daniels said...
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Yume Universe said...

I think what he did was genius. Generating that much in such a short time. got to be one of the most successful Mems ever!
Thanks for your comment Derek! :)

HeliumThoughts said...

Its really sad, even though some people think its funny. I bet out of over a million people sharing there is a lot that really believed he won and it was real, if I was Mr. Daniels I'd be a little scared of someone tracking me down and extracting that million dollars out of my hide or someone bringing a lawsuit against him like this rapper got (Ryan Leslie Forced To Pay Million Dollar Reward For Stolen Laptop).

Yume Universe said...

It would never hold up in court. There is no law against free speach. The sad part is, these people don't do research and don't even read the other comments that say its fake. Its kinda like Jay Walking on the Tonight Show. I fear the Zombie Apocalypse has already happened!

Juli GS said...

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