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Crypticon Seattle 2017
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Don't judge by the look!

Yes, these two do look scary. Yet the real scary ones are the ones who control them. 

They are only dangerous in the wrong hands. I do kinda teeter on the PitBull. Out of the two, The dog can actually go out and cause trouble without its owner. Yet it goes into its training. Which comes down to the person in control. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A KickASS! Weekend Was Had, The Walking Dead!

YumeUniverse.Com had a kick ass time this past weekend. Attended the 2013 RustyCON!
Got to see so many friends. Also met some new ones. The coming weeks are going to bring
some changes. Several new websites, content changes, and a spin on controversial creativity. Some you have seen already. So Stay tuned for more. Look to the right and like my facebook page. If you have not already. Updates will flow there as well.  

I had the pleasure of presenting Cover Girl and Miss October 2013, Morgue Anne with her copy of the calendar at RustyCon. Don't forget to order your copy now
Not much else to do till Feb. 10th when The Walking Dead, shamble back on the scene!
Just had to put that in there. :)