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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Some Things Change

Sometimes things don't! 

I feel like I made a big mistake! I sent a friend request to a old friend I knew when I was a kid. My families have known each other for over 40 years. My Dad even went to school with his dad back in the 50's. My Mom has been friends with his Mom since 1970. They are still friends today and she comes over to visit almost every week. I have not seen much of him in the last 27 years. We stopped hanging out during Junior High. I moved quite a ways from where I had used to live. He kind of went his own way. Going to Illahee and then Decatur! Well over the years. I have heard and admired his life! He was in the Navy! (thanks for your service) had a long career there. Met a beautiful girl and got married! Has kids! Works in Government! I have always held him up as someone I wish I could be like. I of course have had not the same life! I struggle with my eyesight and trying to do what I can to fit into this world! We are close to the same age. His birthday was last week. So I sent him the request and wished him a happy 41st birthday! Now I made a mistake not to send it with my alt account. What a error. This was his response he made on his timeline asking in a public posting........................................................

"Do you ever get a FB friend invite from someone you knew many years ago, maybe even growing up, only to accept and realize from their postings, you probably would have nothing to do with that person in your current life? What should you do? Should you de-friend them on FB right after you just accepted them, or just ignore their posts for a while?"

I can totally get where he is coming from. I went on a posting spree the last couple days. So the only thing he is going to see when he accepted my friend request is a overload of links and images of half naked woman! For a family guy like that to maybe be at his machine and have his kids walk by or wife! Might not be such a good thing. The truth is, we really have not been friends since back in Junior high! I should most likely take this dude from the high place I had put him on. Yes I admire him. I still like him. I do wish him the best in his life! Some of the best memories of My Dad, have been when he and his brother spent weekends over at our place. and for that I will always be greatfull! Thanks Mike!

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